Reveille Trucking, Inc is able to provide the safest and most reliable transportation services available because of the advantages of transportation GPS tracking.

How GPS Tracking Works

The Global Positioning System was first developed in the 1960s for the military and became available for public use in 1983. Twenty-seven satellites orbit the earth every 12 hours, sending microwave signals to GPS tracking stations throughout the world. Data from these signals reveal more than just the location of vehicles. Transportation companies like Reveille can also collect data regarding engine performance, fuel usage, maintenance issues, and cargo conditions.

Fuel Costs

One of the advantages of GPS tracking in the transportation field is improved fuel economy. Studies have shown that fleets with GPS tracking increased fuel economy by 20%.

The Department of Energy Alternate Fuels Data Center reports that aggressive driving behavior like speeding, harsh-braking, and rapid acceleration can lower fuel economy by 15-30% on the highway and by 10-40% in traffic. The study found a 75% decrease in harsh-braking incidents with fleets with GPS.

Engine idle time also effects fuel cost and had decreased by 60% in GPS equipped fleets. Reveille offers our drivers Idle/MPG bonuses based on reports generated by our GPS tracking service.

Improved Safety

Transportation GPS tracking increases the safety of fleets in two main areas.

  • Digital maintenance programs allow drivers to send immediate reports of any issues they encounter with the truck so that the issue is addressed immediately. GPS tracking can monitor engine temperatures, fuel levels, and other vehicle diagnostics as well as regular maintenance alerts to create maintenance schedules.
  • Driver monitoring encourages and ensures safe driving habits and safety compliance. Fleets with GPS tracking had 20% fewer safety incidences and 15% increase in compliance. Real-time information helps to avoid traffic jams, construction, and unexpected roadblocks or closures.

Lower Insurance Costs

Another advantage of transportation GPS tracking is that fleets qualify for lower insurance rates due to the reduction in traffic accidents and the theft protection that GPS tracking provides. Any unusual or unauthorized vehicle usage can be quickly identified with an alert to fleet management. This can improve the chance of recovering stolen vehicles or equipment.

Improved Customer Service

GPS tracking gives transportation companies the advantage of real-time data to better inform their customers with accurate data as to exactly when the shipment will arrive. Notifications can be automatically sent to notify a customer upon arrival.

GPS tracking systems can also generate Proof of Delivery and other forms the customer may need. Immediately receiving electronic proof can build trust and loyalty from your customers.

Office Advantages

Transportation GPS tracking can be integrated with logistic applications to plan the shortest, most cost-effective routes. Real-time analyzation of those routes can direct a driver away from traffic, accidents, or unforeseen road closures.

Transportation GPS tracking has advantages for the back office in reducing paperwork. Samsara, the transportation GPS tracking company Reveille uses, can generate over 30 reports regarding safety, compliance, maintenance, and more.

Driver Advantages

Driver Efficiency Reports can be used to better train drivers which will help save fuel cost, or to reward good drivers with incentive programs.

Transportation GPS tracking includes being Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliant. Samsara’s driver app warns drivers when they are getting close to violating their Hours of Service (HOS) limits.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) can be done with a smartphone or a tablet and sent via transportation GPS tracking software, simplifying the inspection.

In-cab alerts can help to reduce accidents by warning drivers when they are distracted, tailgating, speeding, or other safety concerns. Dashboard cameras can send video to the cloud within minutes of an incident. This video can be used to prove to law enforcement, insurance companies, and lawsuits if the driver was innocent in an accident.


Reveille uses 100% transparent GPS tracking to better serve our customers and our drivers. If you need transportation services anywhere in North America, fill out our Request a Quote form. Drivers interested in joining our team with GPS equipped trucks, can apply online.

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