Eloy Sandoval:

My name is Eloy Sandoval. My first real experience over the road was Reveille. Once you experience a company, good equipment, and the loads, it makes a big difference. As far as the maintenance at Reveille, they take care of the basic PMs (Preventative Maintenance), oil changes, making sure we’ve got good tires, making sure all the lights are working on the trailer and the truck, too. They pretty much take care of everything. You feel confident as far as the equipment working right. Everything is going to work for you. It’s an awesome feeling knowing you’re not going to have a problem.

As far as time at home, I’ve been home for at least two full days. On this next ride, I’m gonna go on is going to California. I enjoy the wide-open space and the mileage is not bad at all. I would highly recommend Reveille to other drivers. Everything is awesome here at Reveille.


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