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Reveille Trucking, Inc. began in March 1995 in Harlingen, Texas as a small local carrier serving the fast-growing maquila industry along the U.S./Mexico border from Brownsville to Laredo. What began as a two-truck operation has grown to serve most of North America from Mexico to Canada and coast to coast. Today, Reveille covers all major national truck lanes.

When did Reveille Trucking start?

Soraya Garcia Vasquez, Office Manager: “It started in 1995, with a couple of trucks that actually belonged to our owner, Mr. David O’Brien, he started purchasing his own equipment. So we have done a lot of growing since then. And we do have several trucks in order that we’ll be coming into this year. And we just started looking forward to a very big bright future with the company. Wherever there is freight, we are licensed drive anywhere in the United States.”


What type of schedule do Reveille Drivers have? 

David Garza, Operations Manager: “Generally, our drivers, our goal is to have them out for five to six days having to come home for two days, so they can be with the families. Most of our drivers, I would say at least 70% of them have been here for at least 10 years. The reason we have such great driver retention is because of that they go out 1500 miles one way, and they come right back home, they’re home weekly, that’s the family-based environment that we talked about is because our guys, when they’re on the road, they’re driving and when they’re at home, they’re at home.”


Can you describe the environment Reveille Trucking provides its drivers?

Joeann Lozano, Financial Controller: “To a great family-oriented company. It’s a very small company, but we all work together. Our drivers like to pop in whenever they come and drop their truck off, they’ll pop in sometimes they have their dogs or they even come in with their families. It’s about taking care of each other. At the same time. I think our boss does a very good job of taking care of everyone. I mean, we have 100% paid insurance here because he’s making sure that everyone has the full insurance coverage and everyone has the benefits that they need to make sure that we’re all healthy and happy.


What benefits do Reveille Trucking drivers have?

David Garza, Operations Manager: “We also just started a 401k match with a company. Those are some of the benefits that we offer for the drivers.”


Why is Reveille Trucking a great place to work?

Joeann Lozano, Financial Controller: “Reveille is a great company to work for the environment we have here is very friendly are very family-oriented. We have a great boss that takes care of everyone from the office people to the drivers on the road. We have people that are smart, they know what they are doing and we make sure that everyone gets treated fairly, gets rewarded well for what they do.”


Why should people work for Reveille?

David Garza, Operations Manager: “Come and try us out. We have good equipment. We have a great safety department. We have driver bonuses available for your referral bonuses. We have several guys at least 10 guys that have been here close to 20 years. So I mean, it’s a great company to work for.”


Anything else you’d like to add about Reveille Trucking?

Joeann Lozano, Financial Controller: “I love Reveille! It’s a great place to work for you should work for us too.”