Ashley Correa, Customer Service Representative

Ray Cavasos , Reveille truck driver

Hi Mr. Ray, how are you this morning? I heard you just got off a run.

Yes, I just came in this morning from Indiana, Indianapolis and delivered here in Pharr, Texas this morning. And I am here with you now this morning.

When did you take off this morning?

I took off this morning from Sinton, Texas at 2:30 a.m. and arrived in  Pharr at 8 a.m.

I’m curious, not a coffee drinker, coffee drinker?  How many years have you been a truck driver?

I drink lots of fluids like water and orange juice. I have been a truck driver almost 22 years, and I have been with Reveille for eight years.

Why have you been with Reveille for so long?

The company is great, the staff is great. When you need something done, they get it done.

Do you just do trips to Indiana?

What I do are dedicated runs, from Pharr or Harlingen to Indiana, and then I pick up around Indiana and head back to Pharr. There are other routes are available, not just Indiana. 

What can you say is your favorite thing about being a truck driver?

 It’s an easy job and easy money and it pays the bills. It’s great. Sometimes I work from Monday-Friday and sometimes I get the weekends off, spend it with my family, that is my quality time.

Do you get to take the family on some of these runs?

If you want to take your family members with you, you can. That’s awesome, on summers when kids are off, you can take them with you. Wherever you want to go to, there will be work there too – if you want to go to California or Florida, you can take them with you on a trip, and it’s like a little vacation – and you don’t have to waste gas

Family oriented of r to allow you to take your spouse or your family so they can see the things you experience on the road but also spend time with you as well.

In July one of his sons wanted to go on a run with me. Yes, he can go with me and he will be with me all week.

What is the sleeping cabin like?

Sleeping cabin is inside the cabin and it has two bunks and is nice and comfortable for two drivers or if family members, his truck has a fridge, microwave, built in inverter

Are the rides pretty comfortable?

Rides are they comfortable – yes, rides are fairly new, and maintenance keeps them washed, up to date with oil changes, and tires are rotated, and if you have any problems with the truck, just write a note and give it to the maintenance and they’ll take care of it.

And how is your dispatch team?

Dispatchers are great, never had a problem with them, they work with you

If there is ever a time you have to submit paperwork, how does that work?

The paperwork, I don’t turn it in until I get to the office and it’s simple, nothing fancy, you just close it out.

What are some of the cool things while you’ve been on the road?

Cool things to see, the big cities, football, baseball fields – my son wants to see the Indianapolis Colts stadium and we will check it out and take him out to eat.

We’re like tourists and we are getting paid for it. When I used to ride to California, a whole different environment out there – it’s nice – we’re tourists and it’s a whole new experience when go visit some of these places.

Any crazy road stories?

When the kids in cars pass by and signal to blow the horn. That’s awesome, they’re still doing that, and I remember doing it when I did that as a kid. Even women and grown men also do it. It’s cool and they get excited when I blow the horn at them.

Ashley closing:

Well, I have a lot of respect for you truck drivers. This is the first time I have worked with a trucking company, but I am able to see what it’s like on the other side. I have the utmost respect for you guys and whenever I see you guys on the expressway, I give you your space because I know to stop on a dime is very complicated and very dangerous. I appreciate what you do sir, taking loads from one destination to another and safely coming back. The most important thing is to get safely back.

A lot of respect for truck drivers, have seen what it’s like on the other side and i respect you all and see you on the road and give you your space.