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Reveille Trucking, Inc. began in March 1995 in Harlingen, Texas as a small local carrier serving the fast-growing maquila industry along the U.S./Mexico border from Brownsville to Laredo. What began as a two-truck operation has grown to serve most of North America from Mexico to Canada and coast to coast. Today, Reveille covers all major national truck lanes.


How long have you been working for Reveille? How do you like the environment? 

Jose Gonzalez, Truck Driver: “My name is Jose Gonzales. I have over 20 years of driving. I have five years, here, with Reveille. For me, (Reveille) is closer home, you’re out a week, come home for two days, maybe three. Dispatchers will work with you on time off doctor’s visits or just being at home with family.”

Jesus Cuellar, Truck Driver: “My name is Jesus Cuellar. I’ve been a truck driver for 18 years and I’ve been with Reveille Trucking for four and a half years. Well, it’s been one of the more comfortable companies I’ve ever worked for. They adjust to your schedules, they may have a problem giving you a day off, you really need it, especially if it’s for family. It’s important to have the schedule we have, like five days on two days off, especially for me because I have two daughters. And most of my time before (I started with Reveille), I had schedules where I had to be working for three weeks and just be home a week or so. Before (I started with Reveille) I used to miss a lot of stuff. And now, less stuff that I missed.”

What is one of your favorite things about working with Reveille Trucking?

Jose Gonzalez, Truck Driver: “Dispatchers Great. They’ll treat you as a member, not as a number.”


Jesus Cuellar, Truck Driver: “I think one of my favorite things here is they have very good equipment. The maintenance department is really good about keeping up with maintenance. For anybody that’s interested in working (at Reveille), I think it’s a very good company to work for.”