Reveille Trucking

Reveille Trucking, Inc is hiring truck drivers in Harlingen, Texas.

Experience Reveille

Reveille guarantees 3300 plus miles a week, with all truck drivers being home every 5-7 days. Reset at home.

Reveille owns over 100 newer trucks each equipped with:

We also offer

  • Drop and hook trucking
  • No touch freight
  • Two free truck washes a month
  • Assigned trucks/No slip seating
  • Idle/MPG bonuses

Reveille believes in investing in our drivers through orientation and training incentives.

Reveille Benefits

Reveille offers a number of benefits including:

  • Health Insurance (100% for drivers)
  • Life and Accidental Death Insurance
  • 401K
  • Dental Insurance
  • Short-term and Long-term insurance
  • Direct Deposit
  • Paid vacation

Driver Juan Torres stated “The reason I stay here is because of their 401K program which is pretty awesome. Also, their insurances. I’ve got life insurance, health insurance, and vision insurance.”

Family Friendly

David O’Brien started Reveille in 1995 and today, his son Tim O’Brien is company president. As a family-owned business, Reveille works to preserve a family atmosphere.

One former OTR employee wrote in an Indeed review, “I loved the family-type atmosphere with my co-workers and management department team.”

Financial Controller Joeann Lozano says. “It’s a great family-oriented company. It’s a very small company but we all work together. Our drivers like to pop in whenever they drop their truck off. Sometimes they’ll have their dogs, or they’ll come in with their families. It’s about taking care of each other.”

Beyond the atmosphere in the office, Reveille prioritizes families in other ways as well. David Garza, Operations Manager, states “The reason we have such great driver retention is they go out 1500 miles one way, and they come right back home. They’re home weekly. That’s the family-based environment that we talk about is because our guys, when they’re on the road, they’re driving. And when they’re at home, they’re at home.”

Jose Gonzalez appreciates the driver schedule and flexibility. “You’re out a week, come home for two days, maybe three. Dispatchers will work with you on time off for doctor’s visits or just being at home with family.”

Reveille offers a free rider program that allows drivers to take their pets or family on the road with them. Truck Driver Ray Cavasos says, “That’s awesome in summers when kids are off, you can take them with you. Wherever you want to go to, there will be work there too – if you want to go to Florida or California, you can take them with you on a trip, and it’s like a little vacation.”

Driving Teams

Reveille is licensed for transporting freight throughout North America. We use driving teams to expedite services. Juan and Elizabeth Torres are a married couple that make up one of our teams. Juan says, “Driving together has been pretty awesome. When she drives, I sleep and vice versa.”

Elizabeth adds, “It’s convenient because we are both off at the same time.”


Dispatch plays a large part in the experience of truck drivers. Reveille drivers have good things to say about our dispatch.

Elizabeth Torres says, “The experience that I’ve had with Reveille, you really don’t want to leave after you start with them because they’re not pushy. Their dispatch is, they don’t have a forced dispatch.

Gonzalez states, “Dispatch is great. They’ll treat you as a member, not a number.”


Another important factor for truck drivers is the maintenance on the trucks. Reveille has a team of mechanics dedicated to keeping each truck in the best possible condition.

Truck driver Eloy Sandoval praises Reveille’s maintenance team. “As far as the maintenance at Reveille, they take care of the basic PMs (Preventative Maintenance), oil changes, making sure we’ve got good tires, making sure all the lights are working on the trailer and the truck, too. They pretty much take care of everything. You feel confident as far as the equipment working right. Everything is going to work for you. It’s an awesome feeling knowing you’re not going to have a problem. “

Drive for Reveille

If you are a truck driver in the Harlingen, Texas area and interested in Reveille, contact Tim O’Brien at

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