What is it like working for Reveille as a couple team?

Elizabeth Torres, Truck Driver: “ I started off as a business manager, owner also (at my previous job.) The kids started getting older. We wanted to try something different. We saw a trucking company. He said, ‘Join me,’ and I said, ‘yeah, why not.’ We get to travel. We get to be together. It’s an experience.”

Juan Torres, Truck Driver: “Driving together has been pretty awesome. When she drives, I sleep and vice versa. When I’m asleep, I’m very comfortable that she is behind the wheel. I trust her a lot. She’s an excellent driver.”

 What are the benefits of working for Reveille?

Elizabeth Torres, Truck Driver: “The experience that I’ve had with Reveille, you really don’t want to leave after you start with them because they’re not pushy. Their dispatch is, they don’t have a forced dispatch.”

Juan Torres, Truck Driver: “I’ve been with Reveille Trucking for 9 years. The reason I stay here is because of their 401K program which is pretty awesome. Also their insurances. I’ve got life insurance, health insurance, and vision insurance.”

What is one of your favorite things about working with Reveille Trucking?

Elizabeth Torres, Truck Driver: “It’s convenient because we are both off at the same time.”

Juan Torres, Truck Driver: “We’ve never had this much time off. We get a lot of stuff done. Our house looks very nice because we get to upkeep it. We get to trim the yard. We even get to grow flowers. What truck driver grows flowers?”

Elizabeth Torres, Truck Driver: “Their trailers are very well equipped and very well maintained, taken care of. I don’t worry about, ‘Oh my, I’m going to get stalled!’ or anything. I’m know I’m going to have great equipment because the mechanics here at Reveille are always checking, maintaining, doing all the stuff that they need to do to the trucks so that we can get out on the road safely and come back safely.

Juan Torres, Truck Driver: “Reveille has been great to us. To other drivers out there, or potential drivers out there, give Reveille a try. You’re not going to regret it.

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