As a trucking company, you know the importance of providing your clients with reliable and secure transportation services. In today’s global economy, supply chain security is a critical issue we cannot ignore. That’s where the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) comes in.

What is CTPAT?

CTPAT is a voluntary program established by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in 2001 to enhance supply chain security and reduce the risk of terrorism. Businesses involved in international trade are encouraged to adopt and implement best security practices through the program.

CTPAT certification is available to various companies engaged in the supply chain, including importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and carriers. To be CTPAT certified, a business must meet minimum security criteria and undergo a validation process.

The benefits of becoming CTPAT certified for trucking companies are numerous. CTPAT certification can help streamline cross-border operations, reduce cargo inspections and delays, and enhance the company’s reputation as a trusted and secure transportation provider.

Why is CTPAT important for the trucking industry?

CTPAT is essential to the U.S. government’s efforts to secure the global supply chain. By participating in the program, trucking companies can demonstrate their commitment to supply chain security and help ensure the safety of their clients goods.

CTPAT certification also allows trucking companies to enjoy several operational benefits, such as expedited processing of shipments at the border, access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program, and fewer cargo inspections.

Additionally, being CTPAT certified can provide a competitive advantage for a trucking company, demonstrating its commitment to security and reliability.

How to become CTPAT certified?

To become CTPAT certified, a trucking company must first register with the program by completing an application and submitting it to the CBP. The application requires the company to provide information about its supply chain security practices and procedures.

Once the application is approved, the company must undergo a validation process that involves an on-site review of its security procedures by CBP officials. During the validation, the CBP will evaluate the company’s compliance with CTPAT’s minimum security criteria and provide recommendations for improvement, if necessary.

After the validation, the CBP will notify the trucking company of its certification status. To maintain CTPAT certification, the company must comply with the program’s security requirements and participate in periodic security reviews.

CTPAT certification is essential for trucking companies that want to provide their clients with secure and reliable transportation services. By becoming CTPAT certified, trucking companies can demonstrate their commitment to supply chain security, enhance operational efficiency, and improve their reputation as trusted transportation providers.

At Reveille Trucking Inc., we understand the importance of CTPAT certification and its role in the trucking industry. That’s why we’re proud to be CTPAT certified and committed to maintaining our certification through ongoing compliance and participation in periodic security reviews. To learn more about our CTPAT certification and how it benefits our clients, visit

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